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About the show

why a podcast about classical music?

The Show

Western classical music has a long and rich history. This has resulted in a vast library of beautiful music for listeners to immerse themselves in and be moved by. However, long and rich histories means that often things can look complicated or become obscure. The goal of this show is to gently demystify classical music by helping listeners orient themselves within the history of classical music, understand what they’re listening to, and find how they best listen to it.
(Also I’m a nerd and I like talking about the things I love, so there’s that.)

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the nerd behind the show

I’m Judith, a professional violist and viola/violin teacher with a bachelor’s degree double majoring in viola performance and music history from Wilfrid Laurier University, and a master’s degree in classical viola performance from Codarts conservatory in Rotterdam.

I deeply love classical music, with all of its complexity and even its problematic elements. Classical music has shaped my life in many ways, and I want to share my love of music and the experiences it brings in whatever way I can.